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Welcome to the Lions Bay General Store & Cafe

Join us in a mountain-high experience that will be a highlight of your adventure.

Discover the Lions Bay General Store & Café 10 km north of Horseshoe Bay along the world-renowned Sea to Sky Corridor, Whistler-bound. The Robb Report identifies the Sea to Sky Corridor as the #1 scenic highway worldwide. The Ford Motor Co Blog features our highway in the top Seven !! September 2012.

Take a 2 minute virtual tour of the Lions Bay General Store & Café

A must on your trip to Whistler, along the Sea to Sky corridor, or as a destination location !!!

Lots more Dolphins in Lions Bay ????  Check out our 'news' page .....

Sea Lions Dip and Dash .... 18th Annual on New Year's Day....... cool !!   Check out our photos page...

Lions Bay featured on Global TV January 28, 2012...

Olympic Torch passed our Store February 4th, 2010

torch relay feb 4 079 torch relay feb 4 060 Vancouver Whistler 2010


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